Who we are

With its multi-jurisdictional capability, Inopra is a legal firm based in Istanbul, offering innovative solutions to legal and business challenges arising in today’s ever-changing global markets.

Our team of experts from a diverse range of backgrounds such as business, law and engineering, provide our clients with the top-notch and to-the-point solutions that are the best fit to our clients’ commercial and business objectives in various sectors including, energy, finance, telecom, media and technology, consumer goods, real estate and diversified industrials.

In this respect, our comprehensive knowledge, expertise, first-hand experiences, hard work, our broad network and our deep understanding of our clients’ business environment are our most valuable assets that we utilize to create unique and creative solutions for our clients.

What we value

Our success stems from our ability and commitment to help our clients with their legal and business objectives by putting their needs first. We earn the trust, confidence and respect of our clients by adhering to five primary core values:

  • Collaboration within the firm across practices to provide integrated services to our clients
  • Tailored solutions by our Lawyers and Experts in Finance and Engineering
  • Commitment to our clients for meeting and exceeding their expectations
  • Innovative and pragmatic strategies for anticipated changing needs of our clients
  • Highest Integrity and excellence in legal services

We are pursuing a client-focused strategy where we offer our clients solutions tailored for their individual needs by taking our clients’ business environment and objectives, as well as the existing laws and regulations into consideration.

Our goal is to provide the best service to our clients by drawing upon our profound knowledge of existing laws and issues on the horizon.

İlhan focuses on arbitration, mergers & acquisitions, privatization, project financing and regulatory matters. She advises multinational companies, banks and private equity funds regarding energy, infrastructure and construction issues.

Community Service and Social Responsibility have been constant in her life. İlhan has founded the Lawyers Association DAV Turkey to serve for a stronger international Lawyers-Network.

İlhan is admitted to the Cologne and Istanbul Bar Association. Following her graduation from the University of Cologne Law Faculty, she completed the Second State Exam before the Higher Regional Court of Cologne. After, İlhan graduated from the Istanbul University Law Faculty.

İlhan is President of the Lawyers Association DAV Turkey, member of the ICC Turkey National Committee, German Institution of Arbitration (DIS e.V.), German Wind Energy Association (BWE e.V.), Turkish Wind Energy Association (TÜREB), Turkish Solar Industry Association (GENSED) and German-Turkish Trade & Industry Chamber (AHK-Istanbul).



Unique Solutions


Inopra advises and represents leading global corporations, growth and middle- market companies, capital markets participants and entrepreneurs in many major industrygroup as well as publicsectorentities, educationalinstitutions, philanthropic organizations and individuals.


Corporate & Commercial Solutions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Project Finance & Development

Capital Markets

Government Affairs, Regulatory & Anti Trust

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)





Telecom, Media & Technology (TMT)

Real Estate

Diversified Industrials

Consumer Goods

Our Practices in Focus


Inopra advises corporations, institutional and individual investors with respect to their varying needs ranging from incorporation and corporate governance to the drafting and execution of commercial contracts in all complimentary fields of their business activities on both local and cross-border transactions.


Considering the constantly changing environment of Finance, actors of strategic and financial transactions must adapt to the modified needs
of the diverse business atmosphere.

Inopra advises companies, private equity firms and individual investors with regard to M&A transactions, formations of joint ventures and
future exit plans in a wide range of industries.

Weprovideservicesrequiredinallphasesofan M&Adealbothinlocalandinternationallevel, beginning from the negotiation to the closing phase, conducting legal and operational due diligence activities as a single integrated team. From planning to integration, we respond to our clients’ needs creatively as we define the key issues and develop practical solutions to the most challenging matters.


Inopra with its multidisciplinary expertise in leading markets such as energy, telecoms and real estate provides project management services to companies and investors, equipping them with market insight, risk awareness and legal comprehension.

Inopra has diverse project development and finance practice, with predominant experience in power generation, renewables and other energy-related projects

Inopra participates regularly on behalf of a wide range of project developers and suppliers in all phases of the development process, from initial project contract preparation and negotiation, project finance and complex risk allocation to first licensing, construction and operating.


The regulation of the Capital Market observed by the Capital Market Board requires knowledge on enormous number of investment instruments and the fast moving Capital Markets Law. Our team combines both elements in everyday practice. We are capable of providing consultancy to banks, insurance companies and other entities and individuals in accordance with their necessities.

We assist our clients in their efforts for maintaining and enhancing these relationships while fully protecting their interests in every difficulty they may face.


In due consideration of the regulative environment; a proactive, solution-oriented approach towards governmental bodies hold a strategic importance in all stages of business, starting from the development phase to the daily practice at the work place.

Inopra advises its clients with regard to the implementation and practice of regulations as well as to potential risks, and represents them before governmental bodies with its global expert network, ensuring the full compliance with regulations and co-operation with governmental bodies.


Inopra’s International Arbitration practice brings extensive experience to the resolution of complex, high value international business disputes through commercial or investment treaty arbitration. Inopra advises clients in dispute resolution through various alternative dispute resolution procedures without involving in costly and lengthy litigation measures.

Our legal experts represent clients before local and international arbitration tribunals and in individually tailored ADR proceedings such as the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR), London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), German Institution of Arbitration (DIS), panels governed by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) and many others, to ensure that legal differences are solved as efficiently as possible.


Inopra attorneys represent clients, which operate in a wide variety of industries, including finance, manufacturing, energy, telecoms, media & technology and defence industries. Our one-team approach enables us to handle complex matters across multiple jurisdictions. We represent our clients at every stage of a dispute.

Inopra has the experience and judgment to guide clients through government investigations and regulatory proceedings, ensuring that our clients’ objectives are met with the necessary foresight, expertise and diligence in the quickest and simplest way possible.

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